Who are the camps aimed at?
Everyone. If you’re new to goalkeeping, or have been playing for a while and want to become a junior/senior international, or if you’re getting back to hockey after a few years out – this coaching camp is for you!

Will lunch, drinks and snacks be provided?
You will need to bring a packed lunch and a water bottle, but refreshments will be available to buy on arrival in the form of tea, coffee and snacks.

Will kit be provided?
Kit will not be provided – please bring your own.

What do I need to bring?
Goalie kit: This is where it gets serious –
• Kickers with straps that aren’t about to break
• Leg-guards
• Abdominal guard (box)
• Padded Shorts
• Chest Guard
• Arm-guards / elbow pads
• Left Glove
• Right Glove
• Stick
• Neck guard (compulsory unless over 18)
• Helmet with all the nuts / bolts / straps in place
• Goalie top / smock
• Water Bottle – it may be hot and hydration is important to stay on top of. There will be water available if you run out.

What should I wear?
Training kit: Astro shoes and the usual attire to train in under your goalkeeping kit. Please remember it is likely to be warm, but don’t forget some wet weather gear. You may want to bring a change of clothes for the end of the day, changing facilities are available.

Will sun cream be provided?
Sun cream will not be provided so please ensure that you are well covered or bring your own.

What time do the camps run from and when do they end?
Registration each day starts from 09:20 and the coaching will run to 16:30.

What will happen during the day?
This is approximately what will be planned for each day:
09:20 Arrive and Register
09:50 Introduction & Briefing
10:15 Morning Session
12:45 Lunch
13:45 Afternoon Session
16:30 Debrief
17:00 Sign out & Depart

What qualifications do the coaches have?
Maddie has designed the coaching on the day in conjunction with Fortitude, one of Europe’s leading goalkeeper specialists. All coaches are either past or present goalkeepers with huge amounts of knowledge and are experienced coaching beginners to medal winning Olympians over many years. *All coaches are qualified, insured and checked through the DBS process.

What happens in case of an emergency or accident?
A St. John’s Ambulance will be in attendance every day, manned by two paramedics. A number of the coaches are also first aid certified.

When will Maddie Hinch be present at the camps?
Maddie will be present every day of the MH1 camps.

What is the cancellation / refund policy?
Unfortunately once your place has been booked/confirmed no refunds are available.

Will any pictures be taken?
Professional photographs will be taken throughout the day. Please read the booking form carefully if you wish to opt out of any photography.

How many coaches will be present on the day?
There will be one coach to every six participants to ensure an attentive and hands-on coaching style.

Who do I contact if I need more information?
If you have any further questions, please get in contact via the MH1 email address: mh1coaching@maddiehinch.com


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